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I run a vape store directory https://vapetelligent.com and we have had a posting from a vape store in the USA that additionally offers for sale CBD goods. A Month later on, PayPal has written to use to say that our account has been limited and have asked us to take away PayPal as a payment method from our vape store website directory. We do not offer for sale CBD products like Wholesale CBD Vape Pens oil. We solely provide web marketing professional services to CBD firms. I have checked out Holland & Barrett-- the UK's Well known Wellness Merchant and if you take a good look, you will see that they offer a rather substantial range of CBD products, primarily CBD oil and they also happen to accept PayPal as a settlement method. It emerges that PayPal is employing twos sets of rules to different firms. Because of this stipulation, I can no longer accept PayPal on my CBD-related website. This has constricted my payment possibilities and presently, I am heavily contingent on Cryptocurrency payments and direct bank transfers. I have consulted a barrister from a Magic Circle law practice in The city of london and they said that what PayPal is undertaking is completely against the law and discriminatory as it should be applying a systematic standard to all companies. I am still to seek advice from one more legal representative from a US law office in The city of london to see what PayPal's legal position is in the USA. For the time being, I would be extremely appreciative if anybody here at kaimenzhima.com could offer me with alternative payment processors/merchants that work with CBD firms.
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